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NSWAutoWreckers offers the most competitive amount of cash for cars in Sydney. We offer customers same-day car removal service in NSW.

  • Get top cash for cars Sydney upto $9999
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    NSWAutoWreckers makes selling unwanted car for cash simple. You can sell your unwanted vehicle and get an opportunity to earn top cash up to $9,999 for it. With us, you get same-day car removal services and instant quote from the comfort of your home.There are many reasons people want to replace their old unwanted vehicles, such as:

    • Car is expensive to maintain, and the cash required to fix it is more than the car’s worth.
    • Family size has increased to the current vehicle no longer suitable.
    • The vehicle has a faulty exhaust system, and you want to replace it with a more eco-friendly vehicle.
    • The car has been damaged in an unfortunate accident and is no longer roadworthy.
    • Car’s body is damaged and rusted and is no longer pleasing to look at.

    If you want to sell your vehicle to a reliable business, choose us. We have been serving the NSW market for more than a decade, and we have the best staff in the market to value your car.

    Call us today to sell your vehicle and we also offer FREE car removal services in Sydney.

    4 Essentials for Streamlining Your Car Removal Process in Sydney

    4 Essentials for Streamlining Your Car Removal Process in Sydney

    Following items are vital to verify your ownership of the vehicle, facilitating a swift and lawful process.

    Only the registered owner can initiate the booking process. After you furnish us with the necessary details, our team will verify the information to generate an offer.

    Important Note: If your vehicle has been stolen or you encounter such a situation, please report it to the NSW Police Force. This will help expedite your car removal process.

    Get Cash For Cars NSW ? No Matter The Brand

    At NSW Auto Wreckers, you will be paid up to $9,999 for any make, model, or car condition. You can sell us your SUV, 4*4, cars, trucks, vans, busses, and commercial vehicle without any hassle. And we will handle all of the towing services and will not charge our customers at all. Brands of cars we buy.


    Elfin Sport Cars


















    Mercedes Benz

    Land Rover











    If you can’t find your vehicle on the above list, contact customer service, they will help you sell your car.

    Maximize Your Vehicle’s Value Through Registration

    We believe that a registered car deserves a higher payout. A vehicle in poor condition gets paid less than one that’s been lightly used. Similarly, registered vehicles tend to earn more than unregistered ones. To get the most value and stay compliant with government regulations, it’s important to register your vehicle as soon as you own it.

    The registration process is straightforward. If you’re a new owner, you must transfer the registration within 14 days of purchase. Any delay beyond this period incurs a mandatory late transfer fee.To complete the transfer, follow these steps online:

    • Provide your concession details (if applicable).
    • Submit the previous owner’s notice of disposal (NOD).
    • Include the vehicle’s NSW registration plate.
    • Specify the purchase date and price (market price or purchase price, whichever is higher).
    • Make the transfer fee payment.
    • Account for any additional charges like late fees or taxes (if applicable).
    Maximize Your Vehicle’s Value Through Registration

    Areas We Service

    If you’re thinking, “I want cash for my car in South Sydney, and I want it fast,” we’re right around the corner to help. NSW Auto Wrecker offers a simple and local solution. We’re nearby, which means quick and easy cash for your car – with no hidden costs. Whether your car is in great shape or has seen better days, we’re here to make it hassle-free.The areas we serve are

    Same-day Cash For Cars Removal Services in NSW

    With NSWAutoWreckers, you can have your vehicle removed from your premises without any hassle. Our professional tow truck drivers are trained and are holders of Tow Truck Drivers Certificate to handle all vehicle types and safely remove them without harming the car or property.

    Used car removal

    FREE car removal services and a hassle-free selling process with NSWAutoWreckers. Sell us all types of used cars and get good returns up to $9,999.

    Junk car removal

    Sell us your junk cars and make quick and easy cash up to $9,999 on the same day. All types of junk, abandoned, scrap cars are eligible for our services, and we offer FREE vehicle towing all over NSW.

    Cars removal Sydney

    Get same-day car removal service all over Sydney. We have trained tow truck drivers that can remove various vehicles without a hassle.

    Car collection Sydney

    Our car collection division works around the clock and provides customers with same day car removal services all over Sydney.

    No Challenge is Too Tough for Our Expert Team

    Believe it or not, we handle vehicles of any make or model, no matter where they’re parked or their condition. Here are some of the challenging situations we’ve encountered.

    • Vehicles tucked away in tight alleyways
    • Cars perched on steep declines
    • Autos parked in underground facilities
    • Vehicles in multiple pieces
    • Cars trapped by others
    • Autos missing wheels
    • And much more

    We’ve tackled these scenarios when removing cars from various locations across NSW. Thanks to our skilled team!

    We offer top cash for outdated business cars and passenger vehicles, and we buy cars in all conditions, including those with dings and dents.Let’s turn your old vehicles into cash today!

    Our Cash For Cars Sydney Services

    NSWAutoWreckers provides fast and convenient cash for car services in NSW.

    Whether you have an unwanted car in your garage that never gets driven, an old car that is expensive to maintain or a damaged car from an accident, you are likely well aware your vehicle is costing you more money to store and maintain than it is worth. So, if you’re looking for a way to free up garage space and make money from a costly liability, look no further than NSWAutoWreckers.

    Our Outstanding Services for Your Ultimate Convenience

    Outstanding Services

    A Sneak Peak Into Our Recent Purchases

    Mazda CX-5

    for $6,500

    Toyota Hilux

    for $8,000

    Holden Commodore

    for $4,800

    BMW 3 Series

    for $7,200

    Nissan X-Trail

    for $5,500

    Ford Ranger

    for $7,800

    Hyundai Tucson

    for $5,000

    Volkswagen Golf

    for $6,000

    Subaru Outback

    for $5,200

    Honda CR-V

    for $4,700

    Audi A3

    for $6,300

    Jeep Grand Cherokee

    for $7,000

    If you have a vehicle similar to these models and are looking to sell it for cash, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re ready to provide you with a fair cash offer for your car.

    Car Recycling Made Easy

    NSWAutoWreckers can help you be a better citizen and help preserve the environment. With our state of the art recycling facilities, we take your car and convert it to scrap metal and spare parts to reuse.

    We adhere to the highest standards set by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) for recycling in New South Wales. We are deeply committed to providing the best recycling services in NSW and remove your salvageable car without harming your property.

    After purchasing the vehicle, working parts are salvaged from the car. These parts are fixed and sold along with a warranty at our branches at affordable rates. The rest of the vehicle’s metal frame is recycled and sold to whoever needs it.

    By carrying out this process, we save an exponential amount of energy and prevent the release of toxic gasses into the atmosphere.

    Introducing Our In-House Towing Company

    NSWAutoWreckers takes great pride in providing a seamless and comprehensive car selling experience in all of Sydney, NSW and that includes our in-house towing services.

    Our dedicated towing unit is an integral part of our commitment to providing you with convenience and efficiency unlike any other.
    With our fleet of well-equipped and professionally staffed tow trucks, we ensure smooth removal of vehicles from any location within Sydney and outside of the city up to 150 meter radius.

    Whether your car is parked in a tight spot, stranded on the roadside, or even non-roadworthy, our skilled towing team is ready to assist you anytime.

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