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What Items Your Car Tool Box Must Have?

Car Tool Box

As a car owner, one must stay prepared for unpredictable emergencies one might face while on the road. Flat tires, dead batteries, overheating or malfunctioning steering can stick you in the ditch for longer hours if you have no help nearby. Being stranded on the road without any relevant tools can extend misery.  

 Car users must prepare a toolbox sufficient to combat minor car troubles. Therefore, NSWAutoWreckers have compiled a comprehensive guideline that enlists all the necessary tools you can add to your vehicle toolbox. The availability of these tools can help you stay safe, secure time, and, most importantly, preserve your financial condition.  

 Jumper Cables   

Jumper cables are the ideal tool for a dead battery, which can happen unexpectedly. They allow the battery to initiate performance again by connecting it with the other car’s battery through jumper cables. Jumpstarting a vehicle is easy, so following the right protocols can prevent accidents. Handling the cables carefully and avoiding touching the metal clamps is very important to prevent sparks. Also, ensure that both the cars run for a few minutes before disconnecting the cables.   

 Tire Pressure Gauge  

The tire pressure gauge is another essential tool that indicates the air pressure inside the tires. Maintaining the tire pressure ensures safety, efficiency and a comfortable driving experience. Underinflated or overinflated tires lead to poor handling, declined fuel efficiency, and produce wear and tear in the vehicle’s major components. To encounter such issues, tire pressure gauges exist to maintain the right level of air pressure and achieve optimal results when it comes to safe driving.   

 Checking the tire pressure with the pressure gauge is an easy and most effective way to ensure your tires are properly inflated. The pressure displayed on the gauge should match the recommended tire pressure written down in the owner’s manual. Air compressors can add air to the tires if the pressure is too low. If the pressure is high, some air can be released until it reaches the recommended level.   


Carrying a flashlight in a toolbox is important in case of any emergency or breakdown in the dark. Without a durable, reliable, waterproof flashlight, it gets extremely difficult to even accurately fix minor problems. The flashlight must be bright with a long battery life to survive for longer hours. Besides providing hands for setting up minor repairs at night, flashlights come in handy for everyday tasks like searching for a lost item in the trunk or the car cabin. It is important to keep the flashlight batteries in check and even carry spare ones in case the old ones get broken.   

 Duct Tape   

Duct tape is a crucial toolbox component. It is a versatile tool and multipurpose product in every car’s emergency kit. The strong, waterproof capabilities make it highly durable and suitable for various purposes. Duct tape can perform well, from repairing the side view mirror to joining the wires or even patching up the torn seat cover. Its strong and durable capabilities make it a convenient solution for various problems. Choosing resilient duct tapes that can withstand high temperatures and moisture is suggested.   

 Multipurpose Tools  

Multipurpose tools, including knives, screwdrivers, openers and scissors, can be a lifesaving accessory for various situations. These tools are compact and easy to carry. They are equipped with a range of features and attachments that can help you undertake small repairs without needing an extensive tool kit. In an emergency, a multipurpose toolkit can serve as an effective product to bring convenience while fixing the repairs.   

 First Aid Kit   

The importance of first aid kits must be addressed when carrying an adequate toolbox. Every car owner must have a first aid kit in case any minor injuries cannot be eliminated when carrying an adequate toolbox. Every car owner must have a first aid kit for minor injuries while on the road. In case of an accident, a first aid kit plays a significant role and contributes greatly to lifesaving in terms of the time it takes to treat injuries and consult a physician. A basic first aid kit includes bandages, cotton balls, antiseptic wipes, scissors, thermometer, facemasks and basic medications like pain relief.  


A Warm blanket is another essential item you must carry in your car. A warm blanket can keep you warm in an emergency and a breakdown.  

 Non-Perishable Snacks  

In scenarios where people are stuck in the middle of the road with no possible help nearby, they have to wait for hours to get relevant repairs done. Storing non-perishable items in the car comes in handy in situations like these.   


This blog is a comprehensive guide about the items one must carry in the toolbox. The insights available can help you encounter unexpected situations. It is always better to invest in high-quality tools and equipment that can withstand the wear and tear in a car for extended periods.