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NSW Auto Wreckers

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    We are Sydney’s Top Choice For Wrecking Services

    We are Sydney’s Top Choice For Wrecking Services

    For more than 15 years, NSW Auto Wreckers has been the reliable destination for top-notch auto-selling solutions. We specialise in purchasing all late and modern model vehicles of European, Australian, American, and Asian makes.

    Our extensive knowledge of the NSW car market and customer-centric services make us the ideal choice for private car owners, repair facilities, businesses, fleet owners, and many others looking to sell their unwanted cars in Sydney and surrounding areas.

    We excel at helping you sell your passenger car or commercial vehicle in the least amount of time and for the best price. Plus, we offer free towing for wrecked, damaged, used, or scrap cars. 

    We are fully licensed and insured, prioritising your interests and peace of mind. 

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    Selling Your Old Car Is Now Easier Than Ever

    NSW Auto Wreckers offers a super simple and quick way to get rid of all types of vehicles without any effort. Our services are designed to make car selling easy regardless of your experience level.

    Our commitment extends to any motor on wheels, regardless of its condition. Whether it’s damaged, dented, broken, junk, scrap, flooded, old, used, lacks an RW certificate, or has reached the end of its road, NSW Car Wreckers is devoted to offering a fair cash for cars in Sydney.

    Here are some  ways in which we provide value to our customers:

    • Highest cash for cars Sydney
    • Instant payments up to $9,999
    • Accurate quotes with a click of a button
    • All conditions of vehicles are acceptable
    • Licensed and registered business (number if any)
    • Professional car removal company
    • FREE car removals from anywhere in the city
    • Online customer support 24 hours a day

    Choose us as your trusted auto wrecker in Sydney, NSW! With our years of experience, we can provide hassle-free car sales in just 24 hours.

    Professional Car Wrecking & Removals In Just Three Steps

     At NSW Auto Wreckers, we ensure our customers receive the best services every time. Our car removal experts are highly trained to pick up any vehicle in any state. Our wreckers receive continuous training annually to ensure we follow all NSW Council’s stated regulations correctly.

    Just follow these 3 steps and sell your car today.

    1. Contact us and get a FREE quote
    2. Let us inspect your car and make you an offer
    3. We pick your car for FREE and provide eco-friendly wrecking.
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    Types of Vehicles We Buy







    A Versatile Facility Serving the Greater Region

    A Versatile Facility Serving the Greater Region

    NSW Auto Wreckers is a versatile establishment that serves customers from across the New South Wales region, including

    We are dedicated to providing comprehensive automotive solutions and services to our valued clients throughout the area.

    Seeking a Trustworthy NSW Auto Wreckers Company?

    Are you facing these situations?

    • Your vehicle is over 10 years old
    • Repair costs outweigh its value
    • It’s not running
    • High mileage for its age
    • Fails the NSW Road Worthy test
    • Parked unused for over 3 months
    • No space due to an upgrade
    • Rust spots have appeared
    • Struggling to sell privately
    • Burdened by loans and insurance

    If you have answered YES to 2 or more, we can assist you.

    Bring your vehicle to our wrecking yard or contact us for a complimentary removal if it is experiencing these issues. We will match or beat any better offer you find.

    Best Auto Wreckers With Top Class Services

    Eco-Conscious Car Scraping

    State-of-the-art car wrecking facilities in NSW make it easy to wreck cars in the most efficient manner. 

    Steps of car scrapping:

    1. Toxic fluids and trash are removed from the car
    2. Useful items and spare parts are taken out and quality tested before being sold. 
    3. The car frame is cleaned, crushed, and transported to be recycled.

    We reuse 98% of the vehicle’s components, and the remaining 2% of the items are carefully removed. 

    Cash For Cars

    Space Parts Storage Area

    At NSW Auto Wreckers, we stand by the quality of the parts we sell.

    We have an inventory of up to 15,000+ car parts, including parts from both local and international manufacturers. We also offer warranties of up to 3, 6, and 12 months, so you can buy the parts with peace of mind.

    The best part is that you also get exclusive discounts on selected items.

    Need help finding the part you require? Contact our experienced team, which is dedicated to helping you find the right auto parts.

    Don’t Abandon Your Car! Instead, Sell It To Us

    Annually, 1000+ vehicles are abandoned throughout Sydney. The most common reason is a lack of skill or time needed to sell the car. Abandoning a vehicle is illegal according to Public Spaces (Unattended Property) Regulation 2022. So, we here offer you the best solution to make money off your abandoned car. Sell it to us today and get FREE junk car removal and cash up to $9,999. 

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